Best Way to Clean Car Windows

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clean-car-windowsMaking sure you have clean car windows is something that people tend to take for granted, but its importance can’t be overstated. If you can’t clearly see the road around you or if your vision is blurred at night because of streaks and haze, you’re asking for trouble.

If you smoke or if you’ve ever purchased a used car from a smoker, you know how hard it can be to get cigarette smoke residue off of your windows. In fact, professional car detailers will tell you that removing cigarette smoke is the most difficult part of car window cleaning. It’s tar! Short of using caustic chemicals, you literally have to use steel wool to get it off. Yes, you read that correctly: steel wool. Don’t freak out. As long as your windows are not tinted, very fine steel wool is the best way to clean car windows to eliminate cigarette smoke film, followed by a good window cleaner.

car-window-cleanerWhen considering car window cleaning tools, you really want to avoid ammonia based glass cleaners, especially if you have tint. It’s just not necessary. Glass is glass, but ammonia can damage your tint. EcoTouch Window Clear Spray glass cleaner is an amazing, all-natural glass cleaner that is safe for mirrors, glass, and tinted glass. Once again, microfiber towels or wipes are going to be the tool of choice for this job. You’ll want to fold your towels so that you’ll always have a clean surface to work with and it’s a good idea to use two; one to wash with and one to finish and remove streaks. Newspaper also works well to clean car windows and remove residue leaving a streak free finish, but it can be a little cumbersome to use and it’s not easy to get into the corners with it.

So what is the best way to clean car windows? Most people start with the windshield, move to the rear window, and then finish with the sides. The front and rear windows are generally at an angle that makes it difficult or at least uncomfortable to clean, so do your best to get into those bottom corners. Spray the glass cleaner directly onto the glass to allow the solution to penetrate the buildup. Wash in one direction, and finish in the other direction with a dry microfiber cloth to eliminate any streaks left behind. When you’re doing the side windows, make sure you lower the windows to remove the buildup that accumulates at the top lip of your windows. This area is usually filthy, so you may need to change towels, or at least re-fold to expose a clean area.

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