How To Apply A Car Wax Or Sealant

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how-to-apply-a-car-wax-or-sealantEven if you keep your car in a garage or under a cover, it is still going to be bombarded by airborne contaminants. It’s up to you to protect your investment by keeping it clean and shielding it from these pollutants. Every day dirt, salt, dust, insects, and bird droppings are bearing down on your car’s finish and threatening to damage not only the paint, but what lies underneath. How can you prevent potential damage? It’s easy, learn how to apply a car wax or sealant. Keeping your car clean is only the first step, but you need to apply a wax or sealant to your car’s finish. This not only keeps your ride looking sharp, but it also provides a layer of protection against the everyday abrasives and pollutants that cling to the outside of your vehicle.

You basically have two choices when it comes to protection: wax or sealant. Some prefer auto sealants and feel that it’s in your best interest, as far as longevity and real protection. But, some people love car wax; they love the process of applying it and Carnauba wax provides an excellent shine and a deep wet gloss look. Differences aside, how to apply a car wax or sealant is basically the same. The first step when applying a protective finish to your car is to wash the surface to get to its natural cleanest state. Once or twice a year, use ordinary dish soap and water to remove the old wax or sealant to get down to the clear coat using a microfiber wash mitt.

When applying a wax or sealant, apply it with a microfiber applicator, like the Hi-Tech Round Microfiber Pocket Wax Applicators, to minimize scratching. Work in small panels or sections; you don’t want to leave the wax sitting on the car, attracting dust or dirt. Apply the wax or sealant in straight lines, up and down, back and forth; a circular motion will create more swirls that can be seen at any angle. Apply in the direction that the wind will blow over the car, front to back. Now you can remove the product using a clean soft microfiber cloth that has been folded four times to give you eight clean surfaces and to give you some extra cushion to spread out the pressure from your hand. Wipe off the product in the same fashion that you applied it, refolding your cloth often to give you a clean surface. Step back and admire your work.  For a nice wax, we recommend using Surf City’s Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax.  If you’re looking for an auto sealant to do the trick, try Wizard’s Supreme Seal Paint

Protecting your car by applying a sealant or wax is simple, effective, relaxing, and satisfying. You can thank the experts at ShineGear for teaching you how to apply a car wax or sealant, now visit the website at and get all of the auto detailing tools you need to make your car shine. At, you can find great brands like Meguiar’s, Surf City Garage, and Wizards, at amazing prices.